Breakers DMS Range - 1-14 Tonne

Breakers DMS Range - 1-14 Tonne

Demolition monoblock breaker with energy recovery system - DMS series

The light weight DMS SOCOMEC breaker range represents in the worksites the distinctive characteristics of the company: reliability and innovation. This range, since fifteen years a boast for SOCOMEC, consists of six models, from the 60 to the 400 kg of weight, and it is able to satisfy the demands of end users with excavators up to 8,5 tons.

Distinctive characteristic of the DMS light weight range is the inside structure of the hammers, without tie rods and produced with a whole steel monoblock: the absence of tie rods has allowed SOCOMEC to eliminate the main cause of maintenance costs, and contemporarily to simplify the dynamics of the same maintenance. In fact it is possible to introduce the piston and its bushes from the top, without dismantling the breaker; while the only component to be fastened with bolts is the accumulator, that seals everything inside.

The monoblock is fixed to the outter metal case with vulcanized polyuretane, which reduces drastically noise pollution and harmful vibrations for the excavator boom. Inside the monoblock, the piston is equipped with a strong hydraulic break able to avoid harmful blank firing to the breaker. A special valve placed inside the monoblock has the double function to cut the excess hydraulic oil and to control the working pressure of the breaker.

Light Breaker Models

  • DMS 50
  • DMS 95/2
  • DMS 165
  • DMS 210
  • DMS 300
  • DMS 400
  • DMS 530
  • DMS 910