Breakers MDO Range

Breakers MDO Range

Heavy weight hydraulic breaker range

SOCOMEC, thanks to its over thirty year experience, has been able to create and to develop a heavy weight class hydraulic breaker range which today is exported and appreciated worldwide.

The heavy weight MDO breaker range consists of seven models, and it is able to satisfy the demands of customers with excavators from 15 to 65 tons, confirming once again the traditional characteristics of SOCOMEC’s products: reliability and technical innovation.

As regards to the inside structure, the tie rods have a new profile and an innovative tightening system, which gives them great elasticity and resistance. Moreover, the heavy weight MDO breaker range shares, together with the light weight class DMS breaker range, the exclusive advantage to be able to remove the piston and the bushes without having to loosen the tie rods.

A constant and reliable performance of the breaker is always guaranteed due to an innovative system of hydraulic oil pressure control in the input line, while an automatic variator or a hydraulic control system changes the frequency of the blows to the requested power needed for the work to be done.

The piston has been object of long and profitable studies, and is equipped with a strong hydraulic brake able to avoid harmful blank firing to the breaker. The metal case of the heavy weight class breaker range is built in high resistant steel, along with side guides in the lower part of the breaker and an innovative upper rubber pad which totally eliminates vibrations to the excavator boom.

For underwater or tunnelling applications it is possible to pressurize the stroke chamber. A new special dust proof protection on the lower part of the piston has been positioned for preventing the entrance of any impurity.

Heavy Breaker Models

  • MDO 1200 TS
  • MDO 1300 TS
  • MDO 1700 TS
  • MDO 2300 TS
  • MDO 3000 TS
  • MDO 4000 TS