Demolition Crushers PDO

Demolition Crushers PDO

SOCOMEC Demolition Crushers PDO

The SOCOMEC demolition crushers PDO allow to demolish armed concrete structures, reducing noise and vibrations.

The PDO range has 6 different models of crushers, with a weight from 100 to 2100 kg; these attachments can be for sure considered among the most reliable on the market.

Entirely manufactured with hardened steel to resist against abrasion and with hydraulic cylinders with hardened stem, they all have 360° rotation ( except for the PDO 100 ).

The PDO 250 and PDO 350 models, for mini-excavators from 2,5 to 6 t, have a solenoid valve, which allows to use both of the functions of the crushers ( demolition and rotation ) using a single hydraulic line.

All of the PDO models ( except for PDO 350 ) have an accelerator valve which allows to increase the closing speed of the crusher and reducing the time needed to do the job.

All of the models with hydraulic rotation have a valve regulating the speed of rotation, easy to set considering the needs of the users.

SOCOMEC has developed its range of hydraulic crushers by introducing two new models of secondary crushers, SFO 1200 and SFO 2200. Both of them realized with interchangeable teeth, the SFO have been manufactured for secondary demolition jobs, fitting on 13 - 30 t excavators.

Demolition Crushers Models

  • PDO - 100
  • PDO - 250
  • PDO - 350
  • PDO - 550
  • PDO - 1100
  • SFO - 1200
  • PDO - 2100
  • SFO - 2200